9 heavy bred cows, 5 red Mot, 4 Smokey Char, 580-774-8445.

Approx 200 heavy bred cows, good quality cows, 40 cow-calf pairs, excellent condition, 325-656-7944, 325-234-6034 (BOLD).

10 longhorn cows, thin, $4,500, 979-567-4606.

3- 5 weight de-horned Holstein steers for sale, $.90/lb, 580-243-9837.

50 first calve Black Angus heifer pairs, Finks genetics, home raised, Frymire Farms, 580-303-8663.

(20) really nice farm-raised cows, gentle, 4-5-yrs-old, calving in fall to Angus bulls, some have calves, 405-642-6156.

Red angus, white faced bull, 6mo, 520+ lbs farm raised; parents on site, $700, 580-891-3468.

Preconditioned black heifers on grass, 10 head or more, purchased 8/26/21 at 425lbs, 2 rounds of shots, ready for wheat pasture, $155/lb,580-922-5050, leave message.

HEREFORD BULLS for sale, native western Oklahoma purebred and registered stock available, Vici, OK 580-747-5605.

FOR SALE :16 to 18 month old purebred registered and commercial Angus Bulls, Brad Klein Weatherford, Oklahoma 580-799-3703.

2 year old and 18 month old, Angus, Charolais, Simmental and Red Angus bulls for sale and lease. 580-481-8711.

40 black Colorado cows, springs calvers, nice replacements, 580-774-8445.

20 black and black Mott steers, weigh 500lbs, Simmy-Angus cross, 580-774-8445.

45 black and black Mott heifers, 400-500lbs, been weined, Simmy-Angus cross, 580-774-8445.

30 black cows, 5-7 yr olds, spring calvers, 580-774-8445.

55 black cows, 4yr olds, spring calvers , 580-774-8445.

Minature spotted jack breeder, 5 yr old, "changing bloodlines", El Reno, 405-823-5057 .(BOLD)

SPOTTED DONKIES(Break)jacks 6 month old, out of spotted daddy, 31 in, and spotted momma 32 in, El Reno, , 405-823-5057 (Bold)

20 - 3-5 year old nice gentle black cows, 5-6 months bred, 1 brand, 580-729-6849.

40 Black Bld. pairs,5-6 yrs old, $1,850, calves 300-400lbs, NE Texas Panhandle, 405-668-2401.

Fence Charger Repair-All brands, quick turnaround, reasonable rates. Serving Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Pioneer Electronics 580-603-0063 SE of Enid, OK.

Charlois bulls for sale, 2&3 yr old, good selection, 580-774-9989.

1/2 black Angus/1/2 black Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894.

Black, polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894.

Purebred Limousin Bulls - large selection of quality black and polled service age bulls. Low birth weight. High weaning weight. Good EPDs and dispositions. Breeding black and polled limousin since 1974. Begert Limousin Ranch, Allison, TX, 806-375-2346





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