15 black angus replacement heifers, top end out of the heard, gentle and cake broke, approximate weight 775lbs, $1,075 per head, 15 miles south of Elk City, 580-450-0658.
Fall born show steers for sale: sires include combo, in God we trust, yellow jacket, and made right. Calves have been weened and on feed, prices are $1500-$4,000, please call/text 405-368-4960.
15- 3-5 yr old black cows, 4-7 months bred, $1,375 each, 580-729-6849.
Black 1/2 Simmental 1/2 Angus bulls, 2 yr olds, ready to go to work, extra lbs on your calves, $2,500 each, 580-497-6848.
10 Smokey Char pairs, nice calves: 5 heavy bred cows, 580-774-8445.
BALANCER BULLS FOR SALE ( Black and Red) (Gelbiveh X Angus)(Bold, Caps) 12-18 months, grass raised and on wheat pasture presently, vaccinated, good disposition, low birth weight, fertility tested guaranteed, Private treaty, excellent performance bulls, Call LOGAN FARMS( bold) , Bobby Logan, Cell 580-922-0437, or 580-922-0651 or home 580-328-5467, Taloga, OK. 73667: e-mail
70 black Angus heifers, 8 weight, home raised, ready to breed, 580-727-5292.
Registered Red Angus Bulls 13 months old in February Beckton and RA Brown genetics. DNA tested and EPD's available 3 red 1 black/red all registered with the RAA & fertility tested $2,750.00. Location Shamrock TX call Coty 806-341-6181
15-25 South Dakota Bred 2nd-5th calf Cows, Bred to Angus Bulls, All or Partial $1,700 Each, calving now, 623-694-1122, Elk City/Burns Flat Area.
Good Angus bull for sale, RB active duty blood lines, very gentle, your choice of 3 yr old or 4 yr old, $2,000, 623-694-1122.
8 Brangus bred heifers, 3-5 mo. bred to LBW registered Brangus bull, $1,400, 580-450-0625.
12 head long weaned red Angus open replacement heifers, year old in March, all vaccinations, 600-700 lbs. Weatherford ,$1,100 hd: two yearling bulls $1,600 hd, 580-819-2172.
Registered Brangus Bulls, fertility tested and delivery available, 580-309-1148 or 580-445-1238.
3yr old Reg. Mini Hereford Bull lots of muscle would be great for first calf heifers. Call 405-687-0757 for more info.
Polled hereford bulls. Yearling to 2-1/2 years. Excellent quality. Good disposition. Priced right. 580-995-3360.
80 Colorado 3 &4 yr old black heavy bred cows, nice replacements, take 10 or more, 580-774-8445.
25 black and black/white faced pairs, 2 wt calves, 580-774-8445.
Registered Angus bulls and females A.I. sires, McPhail Angus, Snyder, Ok, 580-480-5131.
Bred Spring Cows, 2 and 3-year-olds, Taylor Ranch, 580-225-0022.
For Sale: Angus Spring Bred Heifers and Angus bulls, Holder Land & Cattle, LLC. Olustee, OK. Call Brent at 580-471-5842 or Mark at 580-471-7395.
40 black bred heifers AIed to Connealy Black Granite, have had shots plus scour guard, set to start calving 2-12-19, 580-729-0251, $1,875.
Registered Gelbvieh black 2 yr olds, contact Jack Brown 580-497-7305,
2 registered Red Angus bulls, low birth weight, 4 yr olds, 580-347-3227, 580-821-9904.
Mother cow asks man for help
(10) 4 & 5 year-old Angus cows, 7-8 months bred, $1,400 each; (7) 5-year-old Angus cows, w/200lb. calves, $1,575 each, 580-729-6849
2 Yr Old Balancer & Gelbvieh Bulls for Sale. Bulls are Red & Black, all polled and are current on shots. Bulls offer growth, performance and have good dispositions. Out of excellent genetics and are in great condition. Service Ready Call or text 405-880-2564 for more info.
100 Black Angus heifers, one Ranch, ready to breed in March, 580-334-8960.
200 Red Angus heifers, will be ready to breed in May 580-334-8960
8 extra nice first calf black angus pairs, northern origin, 580-497-6666.
Polled Hereford bulls, 12-18 months old, Sweetwater, Ok, Y.C. Fuchs, 580-928-2890, 580-729-0665.
For sale: Reg. horned & polled high quality hereford bulls, exc. group, ready for spring breeding, excellent pedigrees, call: 580-661-1146.
Fence Charger Repair-All brands, quick turnaround, reasonable rates. Serving Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Pioneer Electronics 580-603-0063 SE of Enid, OK
Polled hereford bulls and heifers for sale. 580-254-0636.
Registered Texas Longhorns, all ages., top breeding, major herd reduction, 580-939-2261.
Check out XIT Auction calendar in this week’s publication!
WE BUY Old, thin, crippled, injured bad-eyed bulls and cows, also chronic, crippled, injured stocker and feeder cattle, 580-713-3483, 580-339-4362
Black semi and simme- angus bulls, 22-24 month old, percentage to purebreds, ranch raised, Manske Simmintals, 580-334-5613.
40 yearling semi heifers, black and red, ready to breed, 580-334-5613.
1/2 black angus/1/2 black limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
Homozygous black & polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
50 head of bred pure bred black Angus heifers, bred to Final Answer and Journey, for more information contact Gordon Thomas at 580-497-7217.
Semi-Angus bulls for sale, Kelley Gwartney, 580-497-7303.
50 first calve Black Angus heifer pairs, Finks genetics, home raised, Frymire Farms, 580-303-8663.
BULLS FOR SALE, Gelbvieh & Balancer (Angus x Gelbvieh), black or red, gentle, tested,, 580-922-5629.
Polled Hereford bulls, yearling to 2 1/2 years, excellent quality, good disposition, priced right, 580-995-3360.
Commercial Angus bulls sons of the top EPD bulls in the Angus breed, low birth weight, tremendous weening and yearling weight growth,fertility tested, wormed and shots up to date, Seyler Farms, Call Sandy 580-614-1150, Greenfield, Ok.