CAUDILL SEED COMPANY Granite, OK Mung Bean and Cowpeas . Contracts available. Seed furnished. Fertilizing optional. Call Dean @ 580-471-7276, Office @ 580-535-2117

Browning seed dealer, Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrids,Hybrid Grain Sorghum, and more, Paden Coulter 806-220-3506.




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Listings for: Seed, Maton, Rye, triticale, certified, seed wheat, AP Roadrunner, Butler's Gold, OK Corral, Showdown, SY Rugged, awnless, Altus, Green Hammer, Double Stop, Strad, Caudill, Mungbean, Midland 99, beardless, Smith's Gold, Smith's Gold, Braun, Hobart

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