Hay / Feed

100 bales of grass, high protein, $70/bale, near Sweetwater, 405-630-0304.

Large round bales of rye hay, call for more information, Lori-580-623-1147 or Kassie-580-603-2928.

Premium Midland 99 horse quality small squares, irrigated, fertilized, no weeds or stickers $9/bale in 21 bale bundles, 580-574-5375.

Large round bales haygrazer hay and large round bales of wheat hay, $65/bale 580-821-0357 or 580-243-9845.


Hay for sale, fertilized and sprayed for weeds, solid bales, different varieties available, delivery available, 580-515-9226.

Midland 99 Grass Hay, 96 bales 5x6, $65, Call Andy Schreck at 623-694-1122.

For Sale: Round bales of Rye and Rye and Vetch, 580-623-3062 or 580-891-3534.

5x6 net wrapped Native grass hay for sale near Carter, $40 a bale loaded, 580-374-3748.

215 large round bales of Crabgrass hay, 85 large round bales of Wheat hay, near Canton lake, $50/bale, 405-590-8897.

Number one Bermuda hay, heavily fertilized, no weeds $63/bale; mixed grass hay, $35/bale, we deliver, Bill Cortney 580-550-0094, 405-643-2815.

New & improved love grass round bales for sale, heavily fertilized, no weeds, 50 plus bales available, $65 each, David 580 799 1559.

NICE Horse quality Bermuda grass hay! Sprayed/heavily fertilized! Large round bales-$95-$110. We load!! Weatherford, 580-330-2454.

Two Bar W Farms, Custom Swathing and Baling, For Sale: Small squares Alfalfa or Bermuda in 21 bale bundles. Kelly 580-819-0664 Jason 580-819-3855.

Irrigated Midland99 bermudagrass excellent horse quality small square bales in 21 bale bundles, stored on pallets in the barn, weed-free, sticker-free, put up right $11.42 per bale, 21 bale minimum; 5x6 round bales, same hay, $130/each, Yukon, OK 405-630-8710.

Large Round Bales of Bluestem Hay, sprayed for weeds, heavily fertilized, average bale weights 1200 lbs, 2021 crop, excellent quality, $70/bale, Okeene, 580-614-1235.

Round bales of wheat hay for sale, good hay, $50/bale, 580-821-6739.

For Sale: Large round bales of rye straw. Tim 580-515-9894.

Hay for sale: Bermuda grass round bales, Blue stem, & Alfalfa in round bales , Oats, Millet and Wheat hay round balesTed Thimling, 580-885-7278 or 580-254-1705.




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