Hay / Feed

Big round bales of Lovegrass and Bermuda 99, 580-821-2838.
Midland 99, fertilized, irrigated, clean bermuda hay (no stickers, weeds), 21 bale bundles $150, or $8/bale individually, also, 5’ and 4’ rounds available, E & M Repp Farms Fort Cobb, (Caddo County) OK. 405-668-0181.
Round bales of fertilized hay grazer, good quality hay, 580-309-7024.
Net wrapped round bales--rye straw, rye, wheat, bermuda, and lovegrass. $25-75 Call 580-729-1034.
Excellent quality Midland 99 grass hay fertilized and no stickers. Large round 1450 lb horse hay $90/bale, large round 1350 lb cow hay $70/bale, small squares horse hay in 21 bale bundles $8/bale. South of Sayre. Please call 580-574-5375.
Alfalfa hay for sale, big round bales, 580-603-0995.
Bermuda grass hay! Horse quality! Sprayed/heavily fertilized! We load! $100-$120 large round bales (1,200lbs)! Weatherford, 580-330-2454.
Teff Hay. 1,200 net wrapped 5x6 round bales. bales average 1,250 lbs, $55/bale, 405-542-7283.
250 Triticale straw bales, 5x6 net wrapped. $35/bale. Hinton. 405-542-7283.
Alfalfa hay, 70 net wrapped 5x6 bales. $160/ton, 405-542-7283.
Hay for sale, 580-515-7750.
Wheat hay for sale, net wrapped, fertilized, $50 / Ba., Roosevelt, Ok. 580-585-1395.
Horse quality midland99 Bermuda grass small square bales, weed-free, sticker-free and irrigated with a zimmatic center pivot irrigation system, this hay was baled up right and bundled in 21 bale bundles and stored on pallets in the barn. $200 per bundle, delivery available on 12 bundle orders and runs $200 to deliver locally within 30 miles, plus $5 per loaded mile beyond that, we can unload at your place with our donkey forklift 405-630-8710, Calumet, OK.
Good, heavy, well fertilized, no weeds. Bermuda grass bales of hay for sale. $70 a bale 580-821-1258
Bermuda grass hay, fertilized and sprayed, $55/bale; grass hay, sprayed, $45/bale, 580-450-1304.
300 big round bales of Plains Blue Stem Hay, $60, 50 big round bales Midland Bermuda,$75, all fertilized and sprayed, Elk City, 580-678-5499.
Bright wheat straw, small bales, $6/each, 580-254-0795.
Looking for hay to haul, reasonable rates, 580-603-0995.
Two Bar W Farms Custom Swathing & Baling, Kelly 580-819-0664, Jason 580-819-3855, Jack 580-819-0343.
Rye seed for sale from Maton seed, Tim 580-515-9894.
For Sale: Large round bales of rye straw. Tim 580-515-9894.
For Sale: Large round bales of rye straw. Tim 580-515-9894.
Hay for sale: Bermuda grass round bales and sm sq bales, Blue Stem, & Alfalfa in round bales and sm. sq. bales, feed hay round bales, Millet round bales, Ted Thimling, 580-885-7278 or 580-254-1705.