Hay / Feed

Small sq. bales alfalfa hay, excellent quality, 580-402-0351.

Kern Hay & Cattle premium alfalfa, $12; browntop millet, $9, 75 lb small bales, 580-660-1622.

Midland 99 grass, small square bales in 21 bale bundles $160 discounts on larger quantities, 405-590-5604.

Looking for hay to haul, reasonable rates, 580-603-0995.

Small wheat straw bales, $5; Small Bermuda bales, $7; 21 bale bundles, Ft. Cobb, 405-668-0182.

Two Bar W Farms Custom Swathing & Baling, For Sale: sm. squ. Alfalfa, Bermuda, Straw in 21 bale bundles. Round bales Bermuda, Plastic Wrapped alfalfa silage rounds, 25% ProtienDM. Have various types and qualities of hay. Call for pricing. Kelly 580-819-0664 Jason 580-819-3855.

Alfalfa hay for sale, big round bales, 580-603-0995.


For Sale: Large round bales of rye straw. Tim 580-515-9894.

Hay for sale: Bermuda grass round bales and sm sq bales, Blue Stem, & Alfalfa in round bales and sm. sq. bales, feed hay round bales, Millet round bales, Ted Thimling, 580-885-7278 or 580-254-1705.


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