Hay / Feed

Crab grass, Millet, Johnson grass mix, fine stem, leafy, we deliver, Bill Courtney, 580-550-0094, 405-643-2815, 405-320-0171.

Cow Hay! 4' x 5' bales, $87 each, Weatherford, 580-330-2454.

5x6 round bales, $60 each, 100 bales German Millett, and 100 bales of Teff grass, Tuttle area 405-642-6313.

Bluestem hay, small square bales, 2 miles S. of Willow, you load, 580-471-4832.

Alfalfa hay for sale, small square bales, south of Enid, 580-862-7780.

Straw, bermuda grass, bluestem, round bales, Okarche, 405-203-6829.

Crabgrass, sprayed and fertilized, round bales, baled w/ JD baler, $55/bale, Dover OK, 405-368-8267.

Bermuda grass hay! Horse quality! Sprayed/heavily fertilized! Small-square bales-$9-$13. We load!! Weatherford, 580-330-2454.

100+ Rye hay, $40/bale, 250+ Crabgrass with few sandburs, $35/bale, 405-863-6699.

Do you need your hay to be hauled? If so call Doyle at 580-729-2298. 580-799-2298.

Hay For Sale: small squares of horse quality alfalfa & Bermuda grass; round bales of Bermuda and native grass. 580-323-3999

Looking for hay to haul, reasonable rates, 580-603-0995.

Two Bar W Farms, Custom Swathing and Baling, For Sale: Small squares Alfalfa or Bermuda in 21 bale bundles. Kelly 580-819-0664 Jason 580-819-3855

Large Round Bales of Bluestem Hay, sprayed for weeds, heavily fertilized, average bale weights 1200 lbs, 2020 crop, excellent quality, $70/bale, Okeene, 580-614-1235.

Hay for sale: bermuda grass round bales and sm sq bales, blue stem, & alfalfa in round bales , Millet and wheat hay round balesTed Thimling, 580-885-7278 or 580-254-1705.


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