Ad Rates

Classified Ad Rates

Weekly cost of only $7.50 for 15 words with $.50 per word over that.
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Example: You want a classified ad for 2 weeks that has 25 words. Take the total number words (25) and multiply it by the cost per word of $0.50. Now you multiply that with the number of weeks (2) which comes out to $25.00

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Classified ad deadline to be placed in the next issue is
Monday @ Midnight

Classified ads posted online LIVE M-F 8-5

Display Ad Rates

  Price per col. inch One color Two colors Three colors Process (true) color
National Open Rate 8.50 25.00 35.00 45.00 75.00
Local Display Rate 7.00 25.00 35.00 45.00 75.00

* Placement Rate: $75 guaranteed placement. Paid in full in advance unless other arrangements are made.

* Requested Back Page Place: $75. Must be full page and process color. Requested & paid one week in advance.

Web Placement: $5 to be placed on the web and categorized, or $20 to be placed on the front page of the web and categorized.

Display ad deadline to be placed in the next issue is
Friday @ 5:00 PM

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