We Specialize in Wiring Barns, Shops, and Metal Buildings. D&J Electrical Construction LLC. 580-445-7120. State Lic. 2540.
Preston Manufacturing (Bold) H braces, corners and cattle guards, pre cut pipe posts, adjustable cattle alleys, (580)256-3650
1/2 black angus/1/2 black limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
Homozygous black & polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
DW Brangus Ranch is selling 50 Brangus bulls and 50 Brangus heifers that are approximately 18 months old, all of our Brangus come with a guarantee so if you are interested please contact Danny Wright at 405-542-7805/7806.
For sale: Angus Bulls - 18 months old. 25 Bred 4-7 year old Angus Cows - Fall Calving. Holder Land & Cattle, LLC. Call Brent at 580-471-5842 or Mark at 580-471-7395.
Grass-fed steers ready for finishing and butcher, located in Arapaho, OK. 785-331-6473.
4 Year Old Registered Red Angus Bull FOR SALE-Caunte, OK! Keeping his heifers in good disposition, will fertility, and TRIX Test- $2,500.00-Call 405-370-9322
Semi-Angus bulls for sale, Harold Gwartney, 580-497-2249.
Charolais bulls from registered stock, 19-20 months old, semen tested a ready to go, $2,500 obo.405-317-0537.
(17) 8-9 year Angus cows, bred to Gelbvieh bulls. Calving Dec-Jan. Nice set of gentle, easy handling cows, $850, 580-445-7120.
15 black pairs, 3 and 4 years, calves weigh 250, 580-774-8445.
80 black bred cows, September/October calvers, nice replacements, 580-774-8445.
New WW Paul hog and sheep scales, bifold doors, wire floor, Used a 3,000lb WW Paul scales portable cattle scale with side pin, 580-819-0322.
6 Beefmaster Bulls -yearlings- solid red color, 580-445-6152.
Fence Charger Repair-All brands, quick turnaround, reasonable rates. Serving Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Pioneer Electronics 580-603-0063 SE of Enid, OK
Two black yearling longhorn bulls for sale, $1,000 ea. Also have several longhorn steers, heifers, and cows. 580-682-3016
4 Black Angus heifers 3 w/calf, $1,400 pr, Market price for one, heifer, 580-323-1645, Parr Farms.
2 yr old Angus bulls, vet tested, vaccinated, ready to go, 580-445-8706.
Polled hereford bulls and heifers for sale. 580-254-0636.
Registered 3 year old Angus Bull, LOW birth weight, call 580-309-1148.
Registered Brangus yearling bulls, LOW birth weight, 580-309-1148.
Angus bulls (bold Center, break) 18-23 months, out of registered cows and bulls, Final Answer easy calvers, guaranteed, Taylor Farms, $1,995, El Reno, 405-823-5057 (Bold Entire Ad).
15- 2&3 yr old black pairs, big cows with good calves, $1,700, 580-571-2449.
Commercial Black Angus Bulls, $1750, 18 months old, 580- 729-0251.
Cinch Stock Tank Repair, call for your estimate today! We refurbish government stock tanks, Brad Brown, 580-216-7888.
Registered Angus Bulls, 14-22 months old, great disposition, reasonable prices, 580-623-9843.
Complete dispersal 25 Northern Origin, 5 & 6 yr old, black and black white faced cows, 4-6 months bred to Angus bulls, 15 Northern origin 5 &6 yr old black and black white faced cows, 3-4 months bred to Angus bulls, 30 4-6 yr old, black and black white face cows with 200-300 lb calves, 580-729-6849, 580-374-1478.
10 black first calf pairs, nice replacements, 580-774-8445.
40 head farm raised Angus cows, 4 & 5 yr old, 7-8 month bred to Angus bulls, calving in early fall, real nice gentle set of cows, will sell any amount, 405-642-6156.
WE BUY Old, thin, crippled, injured bad-eyed bulls and cow, also chronic, crippled, injured stocker and feeder cattle, 580-713-3483, 580-339-4362
Commercial bred Angus heifers, bred to registered Angus low birth weight bulls, have had all shots and preg checked, call Sandy 580-614-1150, Seyler Farms, Greenfield, OK.
Miller Angus LOW BIRTHWEIGHT Registered Angus & Simmental Bulls. Yearlings & 2 yr olds, call for pricing, 580-445-7099. Clinton OK.
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