1/2 black angus/1/2 black limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
Homozygous black & polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
14 Commercial Angus Bulls 2 - 2 1/2 year olds ,$2500 , 12 - 18 month $2000, vet papers on semen test, worked and gentle, wheat pasture, grass and cube fed, 580-445-8706.
Polled hereford bulls and heifers for sale. 580-254-0636.
Registered hereford the bulls horned and Polled for sale; semen test ready to go, 580-497-7726.
Angus bulls (bold Center, break) 18-23 months, out of registered cows and bulls, easy calves, guaranteed, Taylor Farms, $1,895, El Reno, 405-823-5057.
Fence charger repair, all brands, Call Bob Hunter@Pioneer Electronics,Waukomis, Okla. 580-603-0063.
Black 3-5 year old heavy bred cows, Call Josh 620-539-0018, Sharon, OK
Hereford and Black bulls for sale, 18-20 months old, 580-747-5605.
Donkeys wanted, jacks, jennies or geldings, call Gary Lohman, 405-226-0630.
(3) Registered Angus Bred Heifers, 2 AI bred to Coneally Comrade, $2,200 each, 580-799-0426.
45 black bred heifers. Bred to Duff Aberdeen bulls. Start calving in February. 580-530-0530.
Red Angus Bred Heifer, 28 head, start calving Dec 15 for 60 days, 580-445-5296.
Pure blood Charolais heifers for sale, 580-995-3190.
Mt. View horse sale, we will buy your horse privately with no commission or Coggins as there will not be a sale that day, , call Gary Lohman, 405-226-0630.
25 Colorado pairs, 4 year olds, nice replacements 580-774-8445.
30 black and black white faced, 2 and 3 year old, spring bred cows 580-774-8445.
110 black/black white faced, 3 year olds Colorado bred cows, nice replacements, take 10 or more, 580-774-8445.
50 black bred heifer, bred 6 months, $1550, 580-334-8960.
50 Black Angus heifers, bred to lbw angus bull,extremely nice, $1700, 580-334-8960.
45 Head 3yr old Black & Blk Baldy Cows start calving Feb 1 Bred to Blk Angus Bulls Weigh 1150 lbs 580 445 5296
43 Black Baldy bred heifers to LBW registered Angus 1407 new design sons, will calve Jan25-March 25, excellent quality and disposition, $1,950/ head, Schnaithman Farms, Garber, OK, 405-410-6646.
40 Northern Angus bred heifers to LBW reg Angus 1407 new design sons. Will calve Feb-March. $1,950/head, excellent quality and disposition, Schnaithman Farms, Garber, Ok, 405-410-6646..
Calf Creep feeders, 500-1800lbs capacity, $250-$750, 405-410-6646.
Longhorn bull. DOB 5/7/2013; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam : Indian Beads 652 . 70 inch TTT horns. Top Caliber grand sire. Gentle to fault. Call David , 580-682-3016 ,
27 home raised bred heifers black-BWF. AI to Special Focus. Start calving mid February. $1500 / head. 580 -571-5763
19 black bred heifers bred to duff aberdeen bull, start calving in the first of February. 580-530-0495
Red Angus bred heifers, northern origin, $1,750, 580-515-0085.
Registered Angus Bulls 15-28months. Low birth weight. Easy to handle. 580-243-9571
Black & black/ white face first calf heifer pairs, very nice, good disposition, volume discount, $2150/head, 580-210-8051.
37 Angus cows 4&5 years old, calving this fall to Angus bulls, several have calved, nice set of farm raised cows, 405-642-6156.
WE BUY Old, thin, crippled, injured bad-eyed bulls and cow, also chronic, crippled, injured stocker and feeder cattle, 580-713-3483, 580-339-4362
Hereford bulls for sale. 2 year old purebred virgin bulls. 580-480-5716.
Extra nice set of Angus and Black Baldie bred heifers, 1050 to 1250 lbs. Big, stout, fancy heifers out of top genetics and bred to low birthweight Angus bulls. All preg checked, vaccinated, and ready to go. $ 1750 to $1850, will sell any number, 29 Angus heifers start calving Feb 8th for 60 days, 28 Angus heifers start calving Feb 8th for 65 days, 29 black Baldie heifers start calving Dec. 7th for 60 days, 52 Angus heifers start calving Dec 16th for 65 days, O'Hara Farms and Cattle, Robert O'Hara, 580-678-5499.
Miller Angus LOW BIRTHWEIGHT Registered Angus & Simmental Bulls. Yearlings & 2 yr olds, call for pricing, 580-445-7099. Clinton OK.
Check out XIT Auction calendar in this week’s publication!
50 second calve bred Angus cows, March and April calvers, coming 3 year olds, really nice, very good condition 580-497-6848.
Heifer bulls 1/2 Angus, 1/2 Corriente, 3-4 yr olds, calves will be only 1/4 will grow good, 580-497-6848.