Homozygous black & polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
1/2 black angus/1/2 black limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
Registered black Hereford bulls, gentle, easy calving, growthy, black baldies sell great, Gene 580-478-5260, Jeff 580-747-1067.
Polled hereford bulls and heifers for sale. 580-254-0636.
Fence charger repair,all brands ,many rebuilt units for sale, Pioneer Electronics, 5 1/2 East of Waukomis, Okla.580-603-0063.
Polled Hereford bulls, 12-18 months old, Sweetwater, Ok, Y.C. Fuchs, 580-928-2890, 580-729-0665.
Angus bulls (bold Center, break) 18-23 months, out of registered cows and bulls, easy calves, guaranteed, Taylor Farms, $1,995, El Reno, 405-823-5057.
Black semi and simme- angus bulls, 22-24 month old, percentage to purebreds, ranch raised, Manske Simmintals, 580-334-5613.
40 yearling semi heifers, black and red, ready to breed, 580-334-5613.
Black Angus Bulls for sale, 20-24 months old, low birth weight and medium birth weight, different blood lines, contact Gordon Thomas at 580-497-7217.
Ready to rope Black Corriente cattle $600, 806-375-2129.
25 Fancy first calf Black Angus pairs, South Dakota origin, call 580-497-6666.
110 black/black white faced, 3 year olds Colorado bred cows, nice replacements, take 10 or more, 580-774-8445.
Red Angus Replacement heiffers (/bold) out of Green Mountain and Lorenzen cows, sired by Feddies bulls, 580-331-7574.
Angus replacement heifers for sale, home grown, 806-679-0344.
Want to buy a working cattle chute, 580-334-5417.
2 year old horned hereford bulls for sale, just brought in and tested 16 bulls off graze out wheat pasture, fresh offering to choose from, sale are on first come bases at private treaty, call now for appointment to see and select your next bull, Allen Moss Herefords Vici Oklahoma, 580-334-7842.
Black Angus "First Calf" HEIFER PAIRS, Northern Origin, calves are Angus, 806-886-4000
80 open red angus Northern heifers, 580-623-1445
Semi-Angus bulls for sale, Harold Gwartney, 580-497-2249.
Low birth weight Black Angus bulls,tested and proven,1-580-774-7675
Spring bred cows, 3-5 year olds and 9-11 year olds. Taylor Ranch. 580-225-0022.
Bar 6 cake feeder, $1200 obo, 806-480-0234 leave message.
2 year old F1 Black Baldy bulls out of registered Angus cows and registered Hereford bull, yearling pure bred Angus bulls, michael Lamle, 580-822-5035.
For sale: Reg. horned & polled hereford bulls, exc. group, ready for spring breeding, excellent pedigrees, call: 580-661-1146.
Registered Black Angus bulls big selection-many heifer bulls Hollon Ranch Woodward, Ok 580 571 2060.
30 Black/Black white face cows, 3 year olds, heavy bred, 580-774-8445.
150 head of Red Angus replacement heifers, weighing 600-700lbs, $1200/head, 580-243-8124.
Willard Angus and Sim Angus bulls, yearlings and 24-25 month old, good growth, moderate birth weight, 580-515-3059.
15 first calve black/black baldy heifer pairs. Calves are out of Red Angus bulls. Heifers are open and ready to breed back to the bull of your choice. 580- 821-0206 cattle are located in Hammon, Ok
Registered black angus bulls for sale, proven genetics, excellent EPD's, low birthweight, gentle, bloodlines include tenX, iron mountain, consensus, perbexter, upshot, fertility checked, free delivery, 580-661-1028, 580-661-1027.
75 1st Calf Heifer pairs, Northern origin calves out of registered angus bulls, heifers fully vaccinated, can help with delivery, $2,000, Call 405-435-5666.
Registered Hereford bulls coming 2 year olds, starting at $2,500, Vici Ok, call 580-747-5605.
Black and black white face 2nd calf pairs for sale, 2 year old Angus bulls for sale, Holder Land and Cattle, LLC Olustee, OK. Call Brent @ 580-471-5842 Or Mark @ 580-471-7395.
Red Angus bulls starting at $1800, open heifers asking $1,350, 580-554-1602, 580-554-1604.
Balancer & Gelbvieh Bulls for Sale Excellent set of stout 2 year old bulls that will add muscle, bone and growth to your calf crops. Low BW with high WW and YW. Bulls are out of top genetics in the Angus and Gelbvieh breeds. Bulls are in great shape and have a good disposition. Bulls are current on shots and passed a BSE, Call or text 405-880-2564
Red Angus: 400 spring bred cows; 400 fall bred cows; 200 fall bred heifers, ranch raised, one brand, 405-269-8446.
45 Angus cows 4&5 years old, calving early spring to Angus bulls, some have calved, real nice set of farm raised cows that are gentle, 405-642-6156.
WE BUY Old, thin, crippled, injured bad-eyed bulls and cow, also chronic, crippled, injured stocker and feeder cattle, 580-713-3483, 580-339-4362
Quality Angus bulls reasonably priced, volume discount, also first calf heifer pairs and bred heifers to start calving Feb 8th for 60 days, O'Hara Farms and Cattle, Robert O' Hara owner, 580-678-5499.
Commercial Angus bulls sons of the top EPD bulls in the Angus breed, low birth weight, tremendous weening and yearling weight growth, Seyler Farms, Call Sandy 580-614-1150, Greenfield, Ok. Fertility tested, wormed, and shots up to date.
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Angus heifer pairs, South Dakota origin, up to 100 head, 580-497-6848.
20 HEAD F1 BLACK BALDIES( Bold) replacement heifers out of Hereford cows, sired by Net Worth bloodline bulls, 580-331-7574.
20 HEAD RED ANGUS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS, out of Lorenzen bulls, Packer and Conquest, 580-331-7574.