1/2 black angus/1/2 black limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
Homozygous black & polled Limousin bulls, good disposition, guaranteed fertility, 2 years and younger, Tim Kilhoffer, 580-515-9894, 580-674-3450.
14 Commercial Angus Bulls 2 - 2 1/2 year olds ,$2500 , 12 - 18 month $2000, vet papers on semen test, worked and gentle, wheat pasture, grass and cube fed, 580-445-8706.
Young Angus cows for sale, calve Jan-Feb bred black, 2-4 years old 1250#, 620-539-0018 Mutual, OK.
3 year old registered angus heifer bull - proven calving eafe, $2,500, call 580-799-5777, 580-534-2787.
For sale, proven cow dogs, border collie puppies. Full siblings to the high selling dog on superior live stock stock dog sale in 2014, Guaranteed to work! Not registered, female $375, male $350. Sold in 5 state area around Kansas. Like new hot-heels time machine roping steer, head swivels left, heels have two speed hop $2,950. 620-275-9483 (Leave Message)
18 month old registered Angus bulls, pharo genetics, $1,200-$1,500, 580-497-6623.
Advanced age Red Angus bulls for sale, Beckton genetics, low bw, choice carcuss, low maintenance, fast efficient game, Beckton has 70+ years building the genetic pool, call Cody Cribbs 580-481-9449.
30 head of 3-5 year old Angus pairs, 200# calves tagged to match. Open ready to breed to bull of your choice. Mutual, OK 620-539-0018
Longhorn cattle for sale, Visit website at, or call 580-682-3016.
40 fancy 3 year old northern angus cow, outstanding set of 1 ranch/1 brand females bred to performance tested angus bulls for march/april claves, sell 10 or more. 580-374-1478.
10 black 4 & 5 year old bred cows, 580-729-6849.
Registered Angus bulls for sale. 18-24 months old. Rumley Farms 405-352-5025 Minco,OK.
Registered black Hereford bulls, member ABHA, Bermuda hay, Centennial Farms, Wacomis 580-478-5260.
Registered and Commercial Brangus Bulls for sale, please call 580-309-1148 or 580-445-1238 for more information.
Donkeys wanted, jacks, jennies or geldings, call Gary Lohman, 405-226-0630.
Registered hereford the bulls horned and Polled for sale; semen test ready to go, 580-497-7726.
ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE, 3 bulls purchased for last spring breeding season, your pick of the three $2,500, RB Active Duty/RB Tour of Duty blood lines, young bools tested, rested and ready, very calm and gentle, Andy 623-694-1122.
2 year old registered Angus bulls, lbw, sired by GAR momentum and GAR surefire, bulls are out of Gardiner Angus cows, full EPD's available, very gentle, fertility tested, $2500 each, 580-571-5710.
Looking to buy wheat pasture in the mutual Seiling area 580-273-5656.
40 black angus bred cows and 40 red angus bred cows, 7 &8 months bred, 4 year olds Northern genetics, ,580-774-8445.
10 Black and black white face first calf pairs, big calves bred back, 580-774-8445.
20 black and black white faced pairs, 4 & 5 year olds, 580-774-8445.
38 Angus cows, 4 &5 yr old, bred to Angus bulls, calving in later fall, exceptionally nice set of Angus cows that are very gentle, 405-642-6156.
20 Angus cows 4&5 years old, calving this fall to Angus bulls, nice set of farm raised cows, 405-642-6156.
WE BUY Old, thin, crippled, injured bad-eyed bulls and cow, also chronic, crippled, injured stocker and feeder cattle, 580-713-3483, 580-339-4362
Hereford bulls for sale. 2 year old purebred virgin bulls. 580-480-5716.
11 beefmaster heifers, expose to Brangus bull, $1150 each, 7 mixed black cows $6300, 979-567-3425. 979-567-4606,
10 Charolis cross yellow heifers 11000 LBS, exposed $1250 each, 7 mixed black cows $6,000, 979-567-3425. 979-567-4606,
20 Red Angus Pairs, 4 & 5 Years Old, Calves 285-300lbs, 580-774-8445.
2 excellent Hereford bulls, 2 year olds, weigh 1400lbs, 580-774-8445.
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