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Section 1-5N-23ECM, Beaver County, Oklahoma, Description: A tract of land beginning on the east boundary line of section 1-5N-23ECM, ( S 00 04'14" E) a distance of 1762.65', South of the Northeast corner of the Northeast Quarter ( NE/c NE/4) to the Point of beginning, thence South ( S 00 04' 14" E) a distance of 3525.91' to the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE/c SE/4); thence West (N 89 58' 37" E) a distance of 2649.24' to the Southwest corner of Southeast Quarter( SW/c SE/4); thence North( N 00 04' 41" W) a distance of 3525.59'; thence East ( S 89 58' 12" W) a distance of 2649.24', to the Point of Beginning, said tract containing 214.4118 acres, more or less, Roberta OldField, 580-445-8313, Asking price $900/ acre.