Hay / Feed

Fresh cut Bermuda grass hay! Horse quality! Sprayed/heavily fertilized! Net wrapped! We load! $68-$78 round bale! $8 square bales, Weatherford, 580-330-2454.
Small square bales Alfalfa and Bermuda grass, Arnett, 580-938-0167.
Small square bales of alfalfa & round bales of alfalfa in Elk City, 580-716-3440.
Round bails rye and Bermuda grass, $40 per bail ,5 miles east of willow, 1 mile north, 580-287-3428, Butch Mosley.
Certified Gallagher seed wheat, Wingard Seed Service, Thomas, 580-819-3994.
27 round bales triticale hay, put up dry, nice quality, $35/bale, looking for front end loader for 1947 Farm all H international tractor, Jerald Shaw 580-940-0365.
4x6 round bales of bermuda grass, $45/bale, 4x6 round bales alfalfa, $60/bale, call Gary 405-668-0519.
Cow hay, rye $25 a bale, native grass $35 a bale, 580-922-5165.
Small Square Alfalfa Bales. No sprays, No chemicals. Twine Tied. In Barn. $10. Sentinel. 580-393-4440.
50 bales of plain bluestem hay, sprayed and fertilized $50/ bale, west of Arapaho, 580-445-7120.
Bermuda grass hay, round bells, net wrapped, fertilized and sprayed for stickers and weeds, we will load, bales weigh between 1350 -1450lb, 580-654-2124, 580-450-9633.
For sale: round bales of wheat straw, baled behind conventional combine, $25-$30/bale, 580-774-5969.
Small Square bales of wheat hay for sale, $7, call 580-515-9359.
Midland 99 Burmuda fertilized, no weeds, no grass burrs, high-protein, horse quantity. small sq.21 bale bundle, 60 lbs/bale ,round bales 1400-1500lbs/bale, in Beckham, Greer county, can load. S. of Sayre 580-450-9821.
Hay for sale: bermuda grass, blue stem, wheat hay, & alfalfa in round bales, Ted Thimling, 580-885-7278 or 580-254-1705.
Two Bar W Farms Custom Swathing & Baling. Round and little squares. Will haul and stack. Also will plastic wrap bales for silage. For sale: small squares Straw, Bermuda, Alfalfa. Round bales of Wheat. Kelly 580-819-0664 Jason 580-819-3855