Hay / Feed

Bermuda grass hay! Horse quality! Sprayed/heavily fertilized! We load! $9-$14 square bales (55lbs)! Weatherford, 580-330-2454.
Wanted: hay to haul across the state or across the country, reasonable rate, 580-603-0995.
Large Round Bales of Bluestem Hay, sprayed for weeds, heaving fertilized, average bale weights 1250 lbs, 2018 crop, excellent quality, $75/bale, , Okeene, 580-614-1235.
Feed Hay $55/bale, Grass Hay, $60/bale, 580-334-5613.
Fertilized Blue Stem round bales, 580-536-8400.
High quality little square Alfalfa bales, 580-774-9226.
Bermuda and Millet hay call Centennial Farms 580-478-5260.
Small Square Alfalfa bales for sale, top quality, Clinton, call Tim 580-661-1513.
Midland-99 Bermuda grass, irrigated horse quality small square bales, fertilized, sprayed for weeds, no stickers, put-up right and stored in the barn, in 21 bale bundles $220 per bundle; Also 5x6 round bales same hay in last cutting form weighs 1,300 lbs, $120 per bale, 405-630-8710.
Native Grass 4x5 Round Bales for sale 2017 cutting $20, Native Grass 5x6 Round Bales for sale 2018 cutting $35, 405-823-0470.
Hay for sale: bermuda grass round bales and sm sq bales, blue stem, & alfalfa in round bales and sm. sq. bales, feed hay round bales, Millet round bales, Ted Thimling, 580-885-7278 or 580-254-1705.